Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So sorry. No time to update! MITC 31st Dec

MITC Melaka 31st Dec 2015 to 3rd January 2016, See ya.

I will update all the pictures after back from MITC.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

1st Week Dec Expo @ Central & Northern Malaysia

3rd to 6th Dec 2015, SECC Senawang Exh. & Convention Centre  
                                  Booth No 53. Home Expo. 11am to 9pm

4th to 6th Dec 2015, Dataran Merdeka, KL. 10am to 10pm. 
                                  Booth No 51. Agrobazaar IAT

See ya!

3rd to 6th Dec 2015, SP AmanJaya Mall Car Park. 11am to 9pm.
                                 Mega Expo.

Thank You For The Support Ipoh Ppl : HOMEX 2015

So many shy Repeating Customers in Ipoh. A very GOOD start for Ipoh! Thank You For Believing. I will b back! 

   CHT Products Are Available in Ipoh Pharmacies. Nearest to the Stadium is Warehouse Pharmacy @Kampung Simmee. See Perak listings Icon on your right. 

Repeating users. Right: Their mom went swimming 4 days ago
and her face kena red patch on her cheek. Seen Doc and alr
4 days past. She came to booth at noon and bought Lipas Repellent.
I asked her to apply MBA direct on the red patch.
Evening came back and show me the red patch dry up!
She was so surprised after her afternoon nap, upon woke up saw
her red patch dry up! Came back to buy ALL my CHT products range
to try! And also 1 dozen of #CHTSabunAjaib & #MBA. TQ!

Repeating users of #MBA & #CHTSabunAjaib

Repeating customers of #LipasRepellent
Right: Bought 100pcs #LipasRepellentAjaib #NIRA

Left: 1 dozen of #CHTSabunAjaib
Right: 45pcs of #LipasRepellent

1 dozen pcs of #CHTSabunAjaib supporters

Left: TQ for the supports, bought a wide range of #CHT products.
Right: Bought the #Herbaniq #MosquitoRepellent before in KL,
and now back to buy more! TQ!

Back for more #LipasRepellent #NIRA